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The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme is the largest dog training scheme in the UK. It's aim is to premote responsible ownership, enhance our relationship with our dogs, train our dogs to be acceptable and pleasent to have in society and make the community aware of the benefits associated with dog ownership. Here at Oakwood we have been approved by the Kennel Club to run the courses and examine the tests on their behalf.

The Good Citizen Classes run weekly for 1 hour. We have weekend and weekday evening classes. They run on a monthly rolling-on basis; you pay just £50 per month for your classes, and train until you are ready to take your test. Tests are run as and when we have dogs and clients that are ready, and during the tests no treats are allowed to be used, so you will learn how to get your dog to work for you, and not for the treats!

Three Levels make-up the Scheme:

Puppy Foundation Certificate

Bronze Level

Developing your dog's basic obedience from their puppy or well behaved dog course. Includes:

  • Handling for grooming
  • Handling for veterinary examination by owner
  • Walking on a Loose Lead
  • Recall
  • Stay for 1 minute, 5 paces away
  • Control at a doorway
  • Controlled walk amongst people and other dogs

Click here to view the full syllabus for the Bronze Award.

Silver LevelMisty Bronze

Progressing from the exercises learnt on the Bronze level to more prompt and consistent responses from your dog and learning some new exercises. Includes:

  • Handling for veterinary examination by a stranger
  • Recall away from distractions (e.g. playing with other dogs)
  • Stay for 2 minutes, 5 paces away
  • Control entering and exiting a vehicle
  • Playing and engaging with your dog, including dropping a toy on cue
  • Recall from a Wait position from 10 paces away
  • Walking on a Loose Lead along a road, including waiting by the kerbside
  • Controlled greeting people without jumping up
  • Manners around owner consuming food

Click here to view the full syllabus for the Silver Award.

Gold Level
Progressing on from the skills developed on the Silver level to being close to perfect, including lots of new off-lead control exercises. Includes:
  • Stay in a down position for 2 minutes, 10 paces away including 30 seconds out of sight
  • Recall from 10 paces away and for the dog to continue walking at handler's side off-lead for 10 paces
  • Walking on a Loose Lead along a busy road, including waiting by the kerbside, and remaining on a loose lead during a quickened pace and slow pace walk
  • Off-lead walk at handler's side for 40 paces
  • Send the dog to bed from 10 paces 
  • Emergency stop off-lead
  • Relaxed Isolation
  • Food manners with a food bowl
  • Handling for veterinary examination by a stranger

Click here to view the full syllabus for the Gold Award.

£50 per month rolling class, 1 hour class duration - BOOKING REQUIRED

Please email us at [email protected] to book.

Please Note: Most dogs will be required to complete the Basic Manners Course before joining a Bronze Award class. If your dog has already passed the Bronze or Silver you will need to present their certificate(s) before joining a Silver or Gold Award class.  
Visit the Kennel Club website for more information on the scheme, click here.