Settle Position

This command is useful when you just want your puppy to settle down and relax in one place with or without you, for example in the vet’s waiting room, in a pub or cafe, or in your home with visitors round.


The ‘Settle’ Command

  1. Put your dog into a down position, so both hips are level (if you put a line down your puppy lengthways, both sides would be symmetrical)
  2. Using a treat as your guide, move it from your puppy’s nose around the side of them to the part where the top of the back leg meets the belly.
  3. Keep it close to your puppy’s body as you guide the treat round. Also keep the treat very close to the floor so your puppy doesn’t stand up.
  4. When they flop to one side and the back legs are on the same side, immediately give the treat and the ‘settle’ command
  5. Repeat until very consistent, then remove the treat from the lure hand and practice with an empty hand