Settle on the Bed – Get ready for your puppy’s first class

We want to teach our dogs to be calm in many different situations e.g. when visitors to the house, when we visit someone else’s house, on holidays, in kennels and also in training classes.

We also want our dogs to do this when asked.

This exercise is going to take some patience from dog and owner as the dog has to work this one out all by their self.


  1. Bring your dog’s own bed to the class as this will make them feel more comfortable.
  2. Hold the dogs lead near to their collar as this will give them very little room to roam about.
  3. Hold the lead tight to keeping your arm straight and stiff, so that if the dog was to pull away or towards another dog they can’t move off the bed.
  4. Hold the lead until the dog settle in a down position and reward them with lots of verbal praise ‘good boy/girl’.
  5. If the dog remains in the settle then reward them with a small treat followed by the command settle.
  6. If the dog still remains in the settle place the lead on the floor and stand on ensuring if they get up and pull they still can’t get anywhere.
  7. Continue to give treats intermittently as a reward for staying settled on the bed.
  8. Practice this at home before the class next week.