Puppy Class Week 4

We hope you are getting lots of great training and information from your puppy course. Below are links for relevant hand-outs from this weeks class.

Follow On Training - Now is the time to start thinking about your follow on training, puppies need 12 months of intensive training to enable them to become well behaved adults. From 6months of age they will start going through the teenage months or adolescence. During this time you will think your training has all been for nothing. They will ignore commands they previously responded to, run off to meet other dogs and not come back, jump up at visitors, maybe even chew things in the house. The only way to counter this period in your pups development is to comtinue with your weekly training.

The best course for you to progress your puppy is our 12 week programme of Advanced Puppy, click here for more information about the follow on training.

Week 4 Video


Leave it & Take it

Loose Lead Walking with Distractions



Advanced Leave it (if your pup does well, don't rush this one)