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Are you tired of telling your puppy ‘No’ or ‘Stop’?

If so then our online course is for you

Follow our online video course and you’ll learn to:

  • - Understand why your puppy 'misbehaves'
  • - Stop your puppy from being naughty
  • - Teach your Puppy all the basic obedience skills you need

Train your puppy at home, at your own pace

Our six week training course will allow you to train your puppy in the comfort of your own home. This means you don't have to worry about listening to a trainer as well as training your pup. You can pause and replay the videos again and again, meaning you can learn at your own pace

Watch this short video to find out more

Here’s four great reasons to sign up

Six Training Videos

You’ll receive a new training video each week, each video follows the pattern of the dog training that we run at the training centre

Free E-book

The 12 Step Guide to the Perfect Dog - An e-book, highlighting every step you need to follow to create the perfect pooch (Value £5.00)

Training Tips

Pre-course notes to prepare and provide you with an insight into the puppy training that you’re about to receive

Extra Content

Course specific notes for each week. These include extra information on top of the items covered in the videos to ensure you’re getting the most from your videos

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