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Welcome to our Members area - an exclusive area for clients of Oakwood Canine Services.

As a client of Oakwood Canine Services you receive unlimited access to all the resources here whilst you are still training with us. Once your training has finished your access to this members area will be removed.

Our clients training with us at Oakwood have exclusive access to a huge range and variety of information and material to download and refer to, in order to help support and progress their training.

Here you will find all the following:

  • Information documents relating to all areas of dog behaviour,
  • Class resource packs for those progressing through puppy or adult dog training classes, kennel club good citizen scheme syllabuses,
  • Step-by-step video clips on teaching basic behaviours,

Your instructor will have informed you which areas of the site you can gain access to for your training. Please use the links below.

Well-Behaved Dog Course

For dogs over 6 months of age who need to improve their basic obedience 

Puppy Training Course 

For Puppies under 6months whose parents want them to have a great start in life

Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme

A 12 month programme for dogs over 8 months who want to improve and progress their obedience training

 Week 1  Week 1 Click here to find out more information about the scheme
 Week 2  Week 2 Puppy Foundation
 Week 3  Week 3 Bronze Syllabus
 Week 4  Week 4 Silver Syllabus
 Week 5  Week 5 Gold Syllabus
 Week 6  Week 6 Responsibility & Care Sheet