Leave it & Take it

It is important to be able to command your dog to leave objects off the ground:

    • Distasteful substances whilst out on a walk
    • Dangerous items
    • Other dogs
    • Toys
    • People


The ‘Take It’ and ‘Leave It’ Commands

  1. Hold a treat in both hands, hide one hand behind your back and show the dog the treat in the other hand.
  2. If the dog moves towards the treat, close the hand and bring it up and away from the dogs face.
  3. Immediately when the dog has stopped reaching for the treat, bring the hand back down opening it under the dogs face so that they can see it.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have your open hand within reach of the dog and they are not attempting to take the treat.
  5. If you can have your hand open and your dog is not trying to taken the treat then introduce the command ‘leave it’.
  6. Then reward instantly with the treat that is hidden in the other hand.